About Guerrilla Supplements

WHAT's in a name?

Guerrilla, noun - Members of a small, independent group taking part in irregular tactics, typically against larger forces.

WHO are we?

We are the opposition; fighting tooth and nail to bring the highest quality, performance enhancing sports nutrition supplements to the masses. We possess an inventory based on tireless research and clinical data; every product serves a purpose.  

WHERE are we?

The frontline is everywhere. There is no fixed location, but the streets of Des Moines are familiar to us. Place an order, arrange a meet, and complete the transaction. Guerrilla delivers, making our business true hand-to-hand combat.

WHEN are our Business Hours?

Business hours are a facade, an illusion. All day, every day, Guerrilla Supplements works for you. While both of us maintain full-time jobs outside of supplement consultation, we make every attempt to be sure our customers are taken care of in a timely fashion. Typically, same day delivery is almost always guaranteed. 

WHY choose us?

The revolution is inevitable. This business is a passion for us, not a bloodsport. Something to look forward to when our first job ends and the next job begins. Our purpose is purely satisfaction based. Our customers receive the pinnacle of sports nutrition products at inconceivable prices.

HOW do YOU take part in this?

Join the revolution, see what it's all about. Start HERE at www.guerrillasupplements.com where you will find “The List.” There, you will gain access to our arsenal. Within, you will find our product list and pricing that is updated regularly to keep you in the know. 

Communication can be made through various social media outlets such as Facebook & Instagram, the contact form on our site, or via email at guerrillasupplements@gmail.com depending which option is the most convenient for you.